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Face Tattoo: Sugar Skull Lady

Realistic facial tattoo.. without the commitment.
Temporary Tattoos by Tinsley Transfers are the most realistic and durable temporary tattoos on the market. Created by Academy Award winning makeup artist Christien Tinsley to look ultra realistic on film and in person!
Tattoo Dimensions 8 x 10 in

Applies with just water!

How Long Does It Last?

Temporary Tattoos can last several days. Of course you can remove them whenever you want.

How Do You Remove?

All of out temporary tattoos can remove with soap and water with gentle rubbing. For faster removal using mineral or baby oil and a cloth will remove the temporary tattoo much faster.

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If you like the look of real tattoos but don’t want the commitment or the pain of a real one, then temporary tattoos are for you! In this article we will explore how to apply your new temporary tattoo from Tinsley Transfers. Don’t worry. The temporary tattoo application is quick and painless. Just follow these simple instructions and you will be just fine.


You will need a pair of scissors. A sponge, cotton pad, cloth or paper towel and access to room temperature or warm water. You’ll want to make sure your skin is clean, dry skin and free from any oils. It’s also best to apply your temporary tattoo on a place on your body that doesn’t have a lot of hair.


Take the scissors and cut around the edges of your temporary tattoo. Don’t worry about getting close to the edges of the design. Just make sure you don’t cut into the tattoo design.


Peel off the clear protective cover of the tattoo. Make sure you remove this top sheet. Place the tattoo with the design against your skin. This is where you want to take a wet sponge, damp cloth or wet paper towel and fully saturate the backside of the tattoo. Using warm water isn’t necessary. But it’s a nice touch to make you more comfortable during the tattoo application.

Make sure you get the tattoo fully wet with that damp cloth and press it against your skin, applying steady pressure for a full thirty seconds. Be careful not to move or bump it or you may damage the design. Don’t rush. Good things take time.

After thirty seconds gentlly peel back the tattoo paper to reveal your new temporary tattoo! Remember. For best results make sure to wait thirty seconds before removing the tattoo paper, if when peeling the paper off the tattoo hasn't quite adhered to your skin, gently lay the paper back down in the exact same position and reapply gentle pressue for a further 20 seconds. Yup! Looks like a real tattoo!



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