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Little Shop of Horrors Costumery is thrilled to offer you, these hand-made and oddly lifelike magical toys from the incredible mind and talents of Elli, a self-taught artist originating from Siberia. Elli specialises in and loves making one of a kind magical dolls, creepy and cute mythical and supernatural creatures, truly magical and uniquely adorable toys.

All of her toys are of impeccable quality, lovingly handmade, hand sculpted and each one is unique in it’s own adorable way.

We know that these one of a kind, precious toys will be loved many years and bring oodles of smiles into your life.


Occamy are winged serpents that are choranaptyxic - able to grow or shrink to fit into any available size! This freestanding, exquisite toy is handcrafted using high quality soft fur, with a scultped face, beak and the most adorable eys. Lovingly handcrafted, no two pieces are the same!

Please note we do try to keep these adorable toys in stock in-store, but there may be a wait time of 2-4 weeks if one needs to be created just for you. To enquire about availability or if you would like a custom piece please call 59771288.

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