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Morpho Didius (Blue Morpho Butterfly)

Indulge your love of curiosities and discover the strange and unusual world of Entomology. Our ethically sourced and locally made collection of framed butterflies, arachnids and insects will create a statement in your home or office and quench your thirst for the peculiar.

SPECIES:  Morpho didius

ORIGIN:   Peru

FRAME SIZE: 15 x 20cm (6 x 8in)

DESCRIPTION:  Their iridescent colouring is a result of the microscopic scales on the wings which reflect light. The underside is a dull brownish colour usually with various eyespots which deter predators when wings are closed and also provide great camouflage when perched on trees or bushes. The blue is not created by pigment but the structural surface of the wing scales has ridges, refracting light, something like a rainbow. It is technically impossible to fade the wing color, as it is generated by sunlight.

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