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Heterometrus Spinifer (Thailand Black Scorpion)

Indulge your love of curiosities and discover the strange and unusual world of Entomology. Our ethically sourced and locally made collection of framed butterflies, arachnids and insects will create a statement in your home or office and quench your thirst for the peculiar.

SPECIES:  Heterometrus Spinifer

FRAME SIZE:  15 x 20cm (6 x 8in)

DESCRIPTION:  Heterometrius spinifer is one of many species of Asian forest scorpions. Scorpions are predators, consuming anything that is smaller than them – and sometimes even a bit larger. This includes other scorpions, spiders, insects, millipedes, crabs, rodents, small birds and even snakes. Scorpions hold on to their prey using the front pincers whilst stabbing the victim with the venomous tail, causing paralysis and/or death.

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