Little Shop of Horrors, Melbourne's Home of Halloween!


The biggest & most beautiful costume shop in Melbourne. Our aim is to replicate the famous characters we all know and love, to the highest quality & detail. We scour the globe to piece together the perfect outfit so you, our customer, can hire incredible costumes for a fraction of the price (and effort!) of buying it yourself! There are no cheap, low quality costumes in sight, rather our five-star collection is aimed at those who have their eyes on that “Best Dressed” prize!

From Game of Thrones to Arkham Asylum, The Great Gatsby or classics from every decade, At Little Shop you’ll hop aboard the Hogwarts Express, sail off on the high seas like a pirate, travel back through time, twirl like a Disney Princess, smash and kapow your comic book villains, battle for the Iron Throne or wander with the Walking Dead. For just one night, you can be whoever you want to be! A pop-culture wonderland for the whole family!




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