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Cast Iron Cauldron 13cm

If you’re intrigued about this lovely magical tool, consider bringing a cauldron into your witchy practice. There is something incredibly special about working with a cauldron, so embrace your wild, witchy self!

Not only is cast iron the most traditional material for a witch’s cauldron, it’s also the best to use for your spells and rituals since this metal can stand up to high heat. Plus, it’s relatively easy to clean after even your most extravagant spells.

Here are a few ways a witch can use a cauldron:

Burn sage incense or loose herbs.
You can leave your cauldron in one place (like your altar) to burn or hold your cauldron by the handle and go from room to room for smoke cleansing rituals.

Collect Moon Water
Set your cauldron out on a rainy night to gather rainwater. Note what phase the moon is in that night so you know what moon phase energy that water is charged with. Pour the water into a jar and store it until you need it for a spell.

Cauldron Wishing Spell
Write down your wishes onto paper, parchment or bay leaves and burn them over your cauldron. Watch the smoke send your desires right up into the abundant, limitless universe.

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